Customized Learning Solutions

Customized Learning solutions

We believe that every organization is unique, from motives and goals, to culture and structure. To ensure that the work we do is lasting and substantive, we custom design each program to fit your organization’s individual needs.

Our philosophy is to work together as partners. By working closely with our clients, we are able to create learning solutions that support the strategic needs of the organization. By focusing on building organizational capacity, you will be in the best position to meet current and future challenges.

We believe that classroom learning is important, but it only succeeds if that learning is applied on the job. That is why we focus on developing learning processes and systems rather than traditional training programs.

Leadership Development

In today’s turbulent and fast changing environment, the skills of leadership are more critical than ever. That is why the focus of our work is on building individual and organizational leadership capacity.

We create unique leadership development solutions for a wide range of clients. Each solution is designed to address the needs of a specific audience. These can be senior leaders, emerging leaders, a team or department, or the organization as a whole. By tailoring the learning experience, we can focus on your specific needs and meet your individual goals.

We use a variety of approaches to address current organizational challenges. These include individual assessment and feedback, executive coaching, classroom learning and real-time action learning experiences.

Conflict Management

Effective conflict resolution is an essential skill of leadership, because good leaders help individuals and teams manage conflict productively. Good leaders also deal with difficult people and problems, resolve disputes, and reach collaborative and creative solutions.

The most successful organizations create cultures where differences are managed well. They also understand that differences can lead to improved creativity, collaboration, and strong working relationships.

When team members strengthen their communication, negotiation, and problem solving skills, they become more effective conflict managers and stronger leaders.
Our conflict management solutions are designed to address the needs of a specific audience, whether that is individual employees, leaders, a team or department, or the organization as a whole.

We use a variety of approaches. Executive coaching, classroom learning, and real-time case studies help leaders learn and apply collaborative approaches to reaching agreement.

How our Customized Learning Solutions have been used.

  • Build leadership capacity at a federal agency by creating senior and mid-level leadership institutes, integrating classroom learning with “real time” case studies, assigning applications in the “white space” between sessions, and intensively involving alumni as sponsors and teachers.
  • Prepare two manufacturing organizations to merge by building a common leadership philosophy and framework.
  • Restore trust and improve working relationships by mediating conflict between teams and organizations.
  • Prepare management and union employees to negotiate effectively through joint training and information sharing.