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All of our services are tailored to fit each organizaton's unique requirements. We don't believe that a "one size fits all" approach offers much benefit. We spend time getting to know our clients' needs, strategies, goals, limitations, and capabilities prior to making recommendations for improvement.

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Planning and Strategy Services

Leadership Development

Not-For-Profit Consulting Services


Services include:
• Organizational assessment
• Organizational design
• Work system design
• Process assessment
• Process redesign
• Change management
• Strategy development
• Implementation planning


Planning and Strategy

CBC, Inc. offers a range of consulting services that help organizations plan for and implement transformational changes in their work cultures. We help you advance your competitive position by improving productivity, quality and customer satisfaction.


We use structured, disciplined, data-based processes that help clients think through complex business situations and develop strategies to positively impact business performance.


We partner with our clients to create detailed implementation plans to ensure that these strategies become part of their organization’s culture.


Services include:
• Individual & team assessment
• Executive coaching
• Team building
• Leadership education
• Leadership training


Leadership Development

CBC, Inc. offers a variety of services designed to build leadership and management capacity in your organization.


Associates use a variety of diagnostic instruments to assess individual and team effectiveness, then help employees develop strategies to improve performance.


Experienced business coaches offered customized services to help individuals reach their professional goals.


Services include:
• Training needs assessment
• Instructional design
• Training function assessment



CBC, Inc. associates use their extensive background in training and education to help your organization develop strategies to positively impact business performance through learning.

We offer a variety of services to help insure that your training resources are sharply focused on key business objectives, utilize state-of-the art delivery capability, and are based on contemporary adult learning theory.

We offer training workshops to help employees develop critical job skills, including:

• Supervisory training
• Management training
• Leadership training
• Negotiation training
• Change management training
• Diversity training


Services include:
• Strategic planning
• Change management
• Implementation planning
• Program assessment
• Board development
• Board and staff retreat facilitation
• Capital campaigns
• Board and staff training


Not-For-Profit Consulting Services

CBC, Inc.offers a range of services to large and small organizations in the not-for-profit sector. Our associates have extensive experience as staff, board, and leaders in social service, arts, health care, education, and other non-profit organizations. This experience helps us work effectively with your organization. We have been there ourselves.


We value the best practices that not-for-profits can adopt from the for-profit world, yet we recognize and are sensitive to the unique barriers and enablers that characterize the non-profit environment.


We partner with our clients to create mission-focused, fiscally viable, and socially responsive strategies and initiatives.

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